Drizzle around Bulaksumur didn’t discourage  the invited guess to attend the Alumni Gathering Night at  Balairung UGM’s north park  on Saturday night (25/9). Tumpengan, Ketoprak Mergers,and  Economics Jazz Live are packed into a series of attractive events for students, staff, faculty lecturer  and alumni who attend the Gathering Night.

Gathering opened by tumpeng cutting  as a celebration symbols by the Dean of FEB UGM, Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA. Ph.D., accompanied by senior lecturer Dr. Soetatwo Hadiwigeno, M.A and Dr. Tony Prasetyantono, M. Sc  as FEB’s 55th Anniversary Committee chairman. The entertainment events finally start with Ketoprak Merger titled "Baron Sekeber" played by employees, students, lecturers and local welknown traditional performer like Marwoto, Mbok Beruk and Gareng. While all the guest are welcome to enjoy a dish of various kinds of food.

The atmosphere then re-warmed by the appearance of wellknown Indonesian senior jazz musicians: Er Klux, Ireng & Kiboud Maulana, Karim, Yance Manusama, Sang Panuwun and Didik SSS. That play Instrumental Jazz songs. Followed by a beautiful  vocal performance by Citra Idol, Margie Segers, and Harvey Malaiholo. Not to forget, two of FEB UGM’s senior lecturers Soetatwo Hadiwigeno and Budiono Sri Handoko also brighten the athmosphere with their golden voice. Alumni Gathering Night were closed with a beautiful duets by Margie Segers and Harvey Malaiholo.


Source: hk