As the top event to close the celebration of  55th anniversary of FEB UGM, Great Art Performance titled "Discover Indonesia: Green, Blue & Genuine" held at Grha Sabha Pramana UGM on Sunday (09/26).This title selected to describe exploration of  Indonesian Archipelago, love for the environment, God, others, and the genuine of copyrighted works.

According to the theme, this art performance not only show the latest single from welknown singer but also the typical folk songs from Sumatra to Papua packed in an ethnic jazz orchestra. This performance involves no less than 100 performer, consists of domestic and foreign artists, musicians,UGM students, FEB UGM alumni and ISI Yogyakarta students.

This event opened by the World Peace Orchestra (WPO) conducted by Dwiki Dharmawan. Beautiful collaboration, between WPO, Gadjah Mada University student choir (PSM UGM) and ISI Ethnic successfully amazed no less than 2700 audience that night. Another solid collaboration over generation of FEB UGM, PSM UGM and foreign musicians Philippe Chiminato also captivate the audience.

A big applause sounded over and over to appreciate the performance of all artists and musicians. There were also a talented young artist, Andien, in collaboration with American saxophonist Andy Suzuki, riveting the audience with 2 songs 'Angin Mamiri' and 'Moving On', as her new single. Followed by great collaboration of ISI Ethnic, an Australian guitarist Guy Strazz, Australian bassist Hugh Fraser, American saxophonist Andy Suzuki, and Flores singers and musicians Ivan Nestorman, perform a beautiful song called 'Kakorlalong'.

The show is not over yet, another young Indonesian Jazz singer, Dira J Sugandhi open the ethnic session together with some foreign musicians perform 2 songs 'Mayfallie' and 'Lamalera's Dream'. Continue with Java Ethnic Medley and Balinese dance by Balinese Dance Unit UGM titled Sound Peace of Bali. From Bali goes to Papua, as Ivan Nestorman back to perform its traditional song  “E Mambo”. By the end of this session Andien performed one of her hit song called, “Gemintang”.

Performance from  Indonesian Jazz singer who became German Idol 2007 finalists, Sandy Sandhoro dazzle the audience at the half part of this event.  That night, Sandy perform his 3 hits: 'End of the Rainbow', 'Over My Shoulder', and 'Malam Biru'. Event closed with instrumental music Arafura and Dira Sugandhi perform a song, 'Dzikir Tak Putus-putusnya'.

As The art performance over, all  series of events to celebrate the 55th anniversary FEB UGM, already fulfilled. Congratulation to FEB UGM for the Annivesary, all the best wishes.


Source: hk