Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business (JIEB) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Gadjah Mada held Best Paper Award 2010. Activities that have been conducted since 1986 aims to increase interest in writing, and improved quality of articles in scientific journals. According to Musytaqul Hasan (committee / student of Management FEB UGM) "Starting 2009 scientific journals that published, has led to the internationalization effort, so many that already use English in their writing," Taqul said at Seminar on Best Paper Award at the Quality Hotel on Saturday (16/10).

He added that, JIEB Universitas Gadjah Mada is accredited journals and has been internationalized by grant funding from the Directorate General of Higher Education. It could be says that  JIEB is a leading Indonesian economics and business journals.

For this Best Paper Award 2010, Taqul says, there were 26 participants articles. Eleven articles aren’t feasible to be published by JIEB, among 15 articles that published in JIEB, 5 articles included in the award nominations. "From 5 nominees, we choose best three articles and two favourite articles," he said.

Best paper award selection process started by articles collection on July until August. After that, on August until September are evaluation process by the jury. Team of judges consisting of  Universitas Gadjah Mada professors,such as Prof. Mudrajad Kuncoro, Ph.D., Prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D., and Prof. Catur Sugiyanto, Ph.D. Aspects  of assessment  including article title, abstract, problem formulation, assessment methods, findings, reference, and presentation systematics. "In the future all of the winners articles will be published on 2011 JIEB " he added.

Most of the participant articles are come from state-owned university (73%), then outward university (15%), department / government institutions (8%), and then local private University (4%). Meanwhile, the percentage of topics for the article, mostly about management (46%), then economics (39%), and accounting (15%).

Best paper award goes to First winner, Yudhisthira Hendra Permana, SE from UGM "Application of the Rule of Law by Jurisdiction Case System on Illegal Logging in Indonesia 2002-2008" , Second winner, Devanto Pratomo, Ph.D. from Brawijaya University "The Effects of Changes in the Minimum Wage on Employment in the Covered and Uncovered Sectors In Indonesia ", Third winner Nur Arifatul Ulya, S . Hut., MA from Ministry of Forestry, “The impact of Reddi on Institutions Income: a Social Accounting Matrix Approach ".

Next, 1st favourite articles goes to, Sekar Utami Setiastuti, SE from UGM "Meteor Shower Glancing over Indonesia: Volatility Spilovers From a Major Stock Market to Indonesian Stock Market and Currency", and 2nd favourite article are written by Mayanggita Kirana, SE, and Dr. Samsubar Saleh, M.Soc.Sc. from UGM "Public Sector Efficiency Measurement Indonesia (Period of Fiscal Decentralization, 2001 -2008)”. All the winner receive an award plaque, their article will be published on JIEB international, and some money.