Disaster Response Unit (DERU) UGM together with the Faculty of Economics (FE) University of Indonesia (UI) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UGM on Thursday (4 / 11), distribute aid at refugee camp on Balerante, Kemalang, Klaten, Central Java. Which is only about 5.5 km from Merapi’s peak.  In this area, hundreds of people, mostly men, are still try to survive at their own house, while rest of their families has been relocated at saver refugee camp on Bawukan.

Dr. Irkham Widiono, one of DERU’s member, say’s that Balerante location are not easy to reach, and consider as a dangerous zone, this condition impact on their lack of aid "To get to the location is quite difficult. To reach this area, we are guided by other volunteers, "he said. "While actually they really need help," he added.

As Merapi’s activity increase, dangerous zone of this world's most active volcano was also expanded from 10 km radious to 15 km. Some refugee camp are also being relocated. "Now, some refugee camp are being displace. But we keep on monitoring their location and needs" Dr. Irkham Widiono said. Some of the assistance provided are stationery, basic and daily needs, also public kitchens.

One of the volunteers, Kabul, said that they keep monitoring Merapi’s activity and ask the villagers to evacuate. This is to anticipate hot clouds and lava from Mount Merapi that might leads to Kemalang.


Source: www.ugm.ac.id