Many factors affect the low interest in writing among the academics. In addition to oral rather than written culture, other factors that influence is the lack of incentives from the university / faculty. Also low interest in the research by academics and therefore contributes to the publication of research results.

"It seemed necessary extra effort because the cons are not as fast as compared to teaching performance. But the most essential factor is sometimes the academics are not in how to write articles, books and scientific papers," says Prof. Mudrajad Kuncoro, Ph.D at the workshop "Scientific Writing in Economics and Business: Writing is Easy" at the Hotel Phoenix Yogyakarta, Saturday (11/12).

Mudrajad said to be adept at writing the most important is the motivation for writing. In this course required an understanding of writing techniques. Because a Maradona still need to learn how to kick the ball an effective technique, and Arswendo Atmowiloto view that writing short stories or works of fiction is easy. "As for myself inclined to say write it easy easy difficult," he said.

Editor in Chief, Journal of of Indonesian Economy & Business is recognized that for novice writers write is tough. Even so the author does not have to have talent, because of various difficulties can be overcome by learning and developing habits. Like a person smokes, if every day to spend a single cigarette, it can be ascertained within a month someone has become a smoker. "I chose to dive straight into the pool, so write what is known first and then how to write a good theory. So the talent is only requirement, but not enough to be able to write," he said.

According to the Chairman of the Department of Economics FEB UGM activity of writing open and promising better economic life. He cited the author of the Harry Potter novels, J.K. Rawling. With the works of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, JK Rawling earn USD 2.97 million, or about 29.7 billion dollars. "In fact JK Rawling himself has written seven other novels Harry Potter," he said.

Therefore, to be the best seller requires commitment. For skills, quality and productivity continues to increase then the authors need to provide a special time to write. In addition, he must discipline in managing time. "Respect the time and do not like to delay the work is expected. Therefore the authors should be able to recognize the daily activities and priorities. Indeed the journey should even be used to write," says the author 30 books this scientific.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, research and community service FEB UGM, BM Purwanto, MBA., Ph.D., welcomed the organization of a workshop that was held Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business FEB UGM. That workshop was a positive activity to grow basic values like honesty and sharing for others. "Two values underlying this highly academic circles while doing research, that through the process and the high accuracy of the research could finally be enjoyed by the public," said BM Purwanto.