Master of Management program (MM) of UGM became the 61st place for the extension of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Corner. With the expansion of the IDX Corner it is expected get the world capital markets closer with academic world. "This is the 3rd IDX Corner inauguration in this year," said Director of Development of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Friderica Widyasari Dewi, on Thursday (10/2), when inaugurating the MM IDX Corner of UGM.

According to Friderica, IDX Corner actually already started in early 2000. In 2004, IDX Corner was developed with the emergence of the concept of three-in-one. With the presence of IDX Corner, students and academics would not only learn in theory. They are expected to practice in real condition. "The theories in the classroom which are equipped with training make them understand  precisely the range of existing transaction process," said Friderica.

Friderica admitted the evaluation towards the IDX Corner is not always satisfactory. Some IDX Corner showed very good results, moderate, and bad. "The results of some IDX Corner in Bandung even exceed one branch of securities. However, we would like to remind you that the IDX Corner is not oriented to the size of the transaction. It is more as a means to educate college students and academics," she added.

The Director of Master of Management Program, Prof. Dr. Lincolin Arsyad, explained that the concept of three-in-one of IDX Corner is the Indonesian Stock Exchange that is managed by three institutions, namely universities, IDX, and PT Danareksa. With this concept, the Corner is expected to set up potential investors and professionals in the capital market in the future. "Apparently, if the campus does not have an IDX Corner, it is seen as having no added value. The MM IDX Corner is the second after Faculty of Economics and Business UGM. This program is a long term investment. In addition, the program does not intend to look for the value of the transaction because with just only five people congregated and then jointly sharing IDR 1 million, they have been able to play in the capital markets, "said Lincolin.

Meanwhile, Satria Hadi Waskito from Danareksa Securities explained that to develop the capital market participation rate is much needed. With high levels of participation, capital markets will be more efficient. "Therefore up until now a lot of professionals is still needed in the capital markets industry. With this IDX Corner hopefully we would get a qualified human resources," said Satria Hadi.