UGM Master of Management (MM), Faculty of Economics and Business cooperates with  Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) for the development of Beji Village, Ngawen sub-District and Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari sub-District, Gunungkidul. The form of cooperation is implemented with the signing of cooperation agreement between both parties.

Attending the signing of this cooperation are Dean Prof. Dr. Marwan Asri, M.B.A, Head of MM, Prof.Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D., LPPM Chairman Prof. Dr. Techn. Ir. Danang Parikesit, M. Sc. and Head of Community Service Learning-PPM affair, SME Development and Community Services of LPPM drh Dr. Joko Prastowo, M.Si.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Lincolin Arsyad said the starting point of the cooperation signing began in its 22nd anniversary in July 2010. At that time they planted 5000 trees in the village of Beji. This activity, said Lincolin, is part of an earnest effort of MM UGM to implement ethics mainstreaming as the basis of teaching system.

"Ethics mainstreaming is not limited to business ethics, but also social and environmental ethics. The real implementation is to plant 5000 trees in the village of Beji,” said Lincolin, Friday (18/2) at MM.

Lincolin admitted that MM UGM is currently focusing on developing the concept of ethics mainstreaming in the teaching system. Thus, the students not only learn about the knowledge and reliable management skills, but they are also taught to have a behavior, character and good attitude. "In addition, the concentration of entrepreneurship also will soon be launched. Well, I think this Beji Village is potential to become the place to practice for students," he explained. 

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr.Tech. Ir. Danang Parikesit, M. Sc hoped that the steps taken by the MM can be followed by other studies programs both from S1-S3. Danang also said that the whole process of community empowerment activities in the Beji Village involving LPPM and MM can be documented from beginning to the end as study materials, especially for students.

"This must be responded by the existing program of study at UGM, not only S1 but also S2 to S3. LPPM previously developed the sites included through the KKN PPM," he said.

Danang also said that the trend of community development today also involves other aspects, such as social and environmental. "In a small context, for example the management of Waste Water Disposal Installation (WWTP) at Wisma MM in the future can be implemented in the form of biogas," he explained.

In the same place, the Dean said the Faculty's concerns related to Sustainable Education for Development (EfSD) is not just only recently. Marwan gave the example of the Weak Economy Entrepreneurs Group empowerment program involving scholars, Department of National Education and Department of Trading.

"At that time our scholars have already given empowerment by providing consultation for the economically weak entrepreneurs," said Marwan.  
He also hoped that the bi-parties cooperation could provide benefits to society, especially in the village of Beji and Kemadang, not only for the short term but also long term.

As it is known, in the village of Beji, Ngawen sub-district lays the Wonosadi Forest. The Wonosadi Forest is a forest managed by indigenous communities. Wonosadi even became one of the places to find the ground orchid besides Madura, Pacitan, and Menoreh mountains. The presence of Wonosadi has made Beji Village looks green, different from most villages in Gunung Kidul, which are generally dry and arid. Besides rich in various kinds of timber trees, shrubs, and grasses, Wonosadi is also home to a wide range of fauna.