Some people currently do not fully understand about money market. The impact is many community members invest outside money market such as through savings and fixed deposit. However, money market is one of alternative solutions to invest better than the two earlier banking products. “Money market is a better alternative than savings or deposit saving because the interest is higher than the average deposit of government’s banks,” said Yahuda Nawa Yanukrisna, Branch Manager of Danareksa Investment Center Yogyakarta, giving a course on Money Market School, Master Management, Faculty of Economics and Business at MM UGM campus, Friday (4/3).

Yahuda said that money market is called investment alternative because, either through stock or debenture, it gives more interesting profit than deposit saving. Unfortunately, it has not been totally understood by the community and business players. Moreover, there is fear of risk at money market. While in fact, the possibility of risk can still be managed. He gave example of cases of payment failure and price fluctuation. “If we fail to pay, the government still deals with debenture issue. Price fluctuation can be released at the end of the period or appropriate time,” he said.

On the occasion, Yahuda also supports program conduced by Finance Club of MM UGM to hold Money Market School. The step is in line with one of missions of Danareksa, namely education.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Academic and Research of MM, Wakhid Slamet Ciptono, M.B.A., M.P.M., explained that the School is held periodically by MM, Bank of Indonesia and PT Danareksa. The event today is the 7th batch while the last was held in April 2010 with education program and simulation of on line stock exchange. The event was followed by 73 MM students and 27 from outside. “We certainly hope that the event can be held sustainably,” said Wakhid.

The theme was Education and Championship of Simulation of Stock Transaction. According to Wakhid, cooperation among MM UGM, Danareksa and BEI was preceded by the inauguration of BEI MM UGM corner on 10 February 2010. “ So, this is a step to introduce BEI MM UGM corner and improve student and community familiarity with Indonesian money market,” Wakhid said.

Besides Yahuda, attending the event as speakers were Dedi Priadi (Unit Head of Education Marketing Division of Indonesia Stock Exchange) and Alifa Yustisia (Danareksa).


Source: Satria/UGM