Human resource development in companies is an quite important issue. In addition to the brand, human resources are one major factor in business development. "With great human resource, a company is capable of creating great products to develop the business," said Josef Bataona HRD Director of PT. Unilever when presenting a public lecture at the UGM Faculty of Economics and Business on Thursday (31/3).

According to Josef, a company needs to guarantee the availability of human resources in accordance with the skill required by the company. Unilever since its establishment has implemented a management trainee program.

"We prefer to recruit fresh graduates to join Unilever. These fresh graduate student are like white water, so it is easier to make them become what we wish. Once they are in, we can fill their knowledge and experience, and provide them with the skills and leadership skills," he explained.

Josef said, with a system like that talent gap can be minimized. The management trainee program always guarantees availability of talents when needed. Josef affirmed human resource development must be conducted sustainably. "So, if you stop developing human resources, don’t expect the existing business will be able to grow maximally," he said.