The terrace at the plaza of UGM’s Faculty of Economics and Business suddenly looks crowded and festive just like a birthday celebration. On the stage there are a lot of balloons. Some people on the stage are wearing conical hats made out of paper. It’s not kids who wear the funny hats, but students from Germany. They sang a song from their country of origin, which is certainly not a birthday song.

Also coming on stage are students from France, Holland, Korea, Canada, Austria and Norway. They are all UGM new students who are just accepted at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Mingling with other new students, they participate in the arts and cultural performance event that is presented in a cultural events, Friday (16/9).

Andri Putra Wicaksana, the committee in charge of the event, said the arts and cultural performance event is carried out in order to enliven the celebration activities of UGM’s 56th Anniversary. Because it happens at the same time with the new student admissions, the new students are invited to get involved.

"In these activities, we invite the new students, both local and foreign, to understand the UGM environment and various student organizations," he said.

Andri added that this activity is also conducted to accommodate the creativity of new students. Some performance that are displayed are angklung music, saman dance, student music band.

Chairman of the committee, Syaiful Arifin said the cultural event closed the student week series since 12 September. Various activities include entrepreneurial bazaar, exhibitions and research workshops, hygiene competition, photo exhibitions and talk show of outstanding students. "Almost all of the new students are involved in this event," he said.


Source: Marwati/UGM