Still as a series of 56th Anniversary, the Faculty held a creative music performances on Saturday night, 17/09. As per its title, this show displays the creative musicians are famous in the country music scene and abroad, call it Tohpati, Steve Thornton, Alsa, Kang Ade, and Hendri Lamiry.

The event was opened by a performance from the percussion team Kesper (Percussion Study Group) Art Institute of Indonesia at 19:45 pm. Games percussion instruments that are mutually respond immediately followed by a collaborative team with Steve Thornton Kesper, Kang Ade and kendangnya, as well as Alsa and percussion drums.

Other musicians turn up to the stage and skill performance. Hendri Lamiry, a renowned violist in Indonesia, bringing one song solo, followed by collaboration with Kang Ade and Steve Thornton. As a top event, Tohpati a duet with Steve Thornton and show each other their respective expertise. The event was closed at 22:15 with the creation Anggito Abimanyu songs sung by all the performers that night and also Anggito Abimanyu.

In addition to inviting famous musicians, the show creative music performances also featured talented young people from the FEB, such as family angklung alloys, Saman dance groups, and also Hanif Digital Music. Not to forget, there is also a freestyle basketball action from the Kingdom Freestyle Basketball.


Sources: Prima