In order to cellebrating 62th anniversary of UGM, UGM held Innovations Products Exhibition & UGM Research Week 2011 which is planned to run from June 10 to 15 October 2011 in Graha Sabha Pramana UGM. This event is an annual event designed to bridge the utilization of research results to the wider community of researchers. This activity is also a place open to faculty and campus units that exist in the scope of UGM to provide information and establish cooperation, both to the public, government agencies, or private.

Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, as one of the leading faculty in UGM participated in this event. Faculty who occupy Stand number F47-48 trying to open up to the general public who want to know more about this faculty. Communities can ask directly about the latest information programs of study offered by the Faculty, good training program, undergraduate, and graduate program.

In addition to an open campus, Faculty Stand, which is supported by the Center for Training and Research Economics and Business (P2EB) Faculty, in collaboration with the Fiscal Policy Office Ministry of Finance. During the exhibition booths featuring demonstrations Economic Executive Dashboard, which is a special application to assist the process of making economic policy more precisely and quickly by the executive branch of government. This application is able to provide a visual overview of the impact it had on an economic variable if there is a change to the other economic variables, eg interest rates, inflation, and so on.

To attract visitors, Stand Faculty provide information central capital market. Visitors who are interested to know more about the ins and outs and capital market transactions and practices can be asked directly. Sari Sitalaksmi, M. Mgt., Ph.D., Deputy Planning and Finance P2EB when interviewed said, "Through the Research Week, the Faculty hopes to raise public interest to issues and economic development in Indonesia." Sari also added, "During this work, we also organizes the Capital Market Simulation Competition, competition can be followed by the public and there are prizes for the winners of millions of dollars. It is hoped the wider community can participate and contribute to enliven the event. "The competition of capital market is fully supported by Danareksa.



Source: Rahmat/FEB