The environmental degradation in our society is one of the major issues that must be immediately taken care of. Environmental problems will not only harm the earth as the only home for the human race but it will also harm all other living creatures that live in it, including the human species

Students as the future leaders are a very important element in the society that will decide the shape of the future. Therefore, it is important for the young generation to be able to walk the talk and start to make a difference in their surroundings to reduce the adverse impact from environmental degradation. At the same time, the students will also sharpen their leadership capacity and improve their skills in project management.

We call all potential young leaders that have a deep concern about the environmental issues and feel the need to act and do something about them. We invite you to join our Eco Campus Challenge where students will have the chance to implement their small yet impactfull green project ideas at their campus or neighborhood and win our Danamon Young Leaders Award.
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